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About Me

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My Story

Detox With Anesa (formally Red Grape Wisdom) was founded in 2021 by yours truly. After years of suffering from chronic eczema and other health issues, I became my own healer and treated my conditions successfully! 


I've studied many spiritual and ancient wisdom modalities for over a decade and have been helping others with some of the most effective natural detoxification protocols for the last 6 years. I am a certified detoxification specialist (through the International School of the Healing Arts) and regularly upgrade my knowledge and skills with diverse books and courses on holistic healing. 


I enjoy working with botanicals and incorporate various healing traditions and knowledge into my work - most notably, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

I believe that educating individuals about the forgotten truths of the natural laws shaping our reality - including the workings of the divine vessel housing their spirit (the body) - will be the catalyst for the global transformation of collective consciousness. 

As an empath and an intuitive, I help my clients holistically by listening fully and offering my sincerest advice for their healing.

My Philosophy

Body detoxification is a highly personal process that demands time, energy, and lifestyle transformation to ensure long-term health benefits. That is why I designed my products and services to enable the process to be as simple, effective, and transformative as possible so that you not only receive customized guidance on the “hows” of detox but thoroughly understand the “whys”. 

Through my digital guides and courses, my goal is to teach the natural approach to healing to as many individuals as possible, so that they become their own healers and help empower others with nature's wisdom. 

Body detoxification is the best method used in nature to reset one's health and start healing! It cools down inflammation, removes acidic obstructions that have accumulated over time, and builds up the body's energetic reservoir so that it can regenerate and heal properly. 

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