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This is an optimal guide to processed sugar detox with an alkaline diet and body detoxification. 


It will be counter-intuitive to the mainstream version of placing all sugar chemistry in one basket and will help you see food and the body from a naturopathic perspective.


This 16-page PDF guide + planner was created to help you turn around your processed sugar addiction through healthy sugar substitutes that will heal the body from inflammation and help you change your sugar cravings for good. 


It is a proven protocol that has helped countless individuals kick their processed sugar addiction!






🍇Print it out whenever you are looking to do your sugar detox and carry it with you as a workbook or print out the core pages and place them on your fridge.
🍇If you'd like to use the guide digitally, you can use it with any PDF annotation app.






💫 A guide that teaches you about processed sugar and healthy simple sugars
💫 A list and checklist of sugar alternatives that will help you kick your addiction to the curb (and an explanation of why they're so powerful!)
💫 A shopping checklist of sugar alternatives
💫 A weekly fridge diet planner (printable) to keep you on track
💫 Reflective prompts that help you understand the changes you feel on the detox journey






🌱 Weight loss
🌱 Lowered anxiety and depression
🌱 Clearer and more youthful skin
🌱 More sustained energy throughout the day (without stimulants)
🌱 Improved digestion
🌱 Lowered inflammation
🌱 Better organ function
🌱 Brighter mood 
🌱 Quicker healing 
🌱 Lower incidence of diabetes
🌱 Improved immunity
🌱 Better heart health

1 Month Processed Sugar Detox

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