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This health bundle includes over 250 pages of actionable natural healing guidance that will help you understand your body, transition into detox, lower/heal disease symptoms, and feel more energetic!


It includes my 150-page e-book on everything you need to know about healing with an alkaline diet and 7 guides with checklists, planners, trackers, and prompts to get you started on your cleansing journey and stay committed to the process.


Below is the recommended order in which you should read and apply the guides. Note that strengthening your kidneys so that you filter is a priority in detox, whereas lymphatic drainage should always come afterward (kidneys must filter for lymph to be drained effectively).


Lastly, the self-awareness workbook will help you come to terms with your internal patterns and habits so that you can expedite your healing process by acknowledging your mental and emotional blockages.  






🍇How to Detoxing Safely and Effectively E-book: This 150 page e-book will not only teach you about how your body works energetically, but it will also provide you with the tools you need to incorporate detoxing foods, herbs, and simple lifestyle modalities for cellular regeneration and healing of chronic inflammation.


🌿Printable Alkaline Food Lists (printable lists): This alkaline food guide includes food lists that are designed to help you on your disease-healing journey. It includes a simple guide that teaches you about the power of the alkaline diet; fruit, vegetable, and 'other alkaline food' lists that you can print out and place on your fridge to inform your grocery shopping/meal planning; printable grocery sheet to motivate you to stay on track; and a printable weekly meal planner for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


🍉1 Month Detox Planner (printable planner): This detox guide will show you how to prepare for detox, how to detoxify properly, and how to deal with detox symptoms. It will also provide you with a 1 month detox protocol; sample meal plans; a weekly calendar printout with priorities and goals, printable habit tracker; and reflection prompts to help you stay reflective and motivated.


🌟Processed Sugar Detox Guide: This 1 month sugar detox will help you see food and the body from a naturopathic perspective. This guide will teach you why processed sugar is different from healthy simple sugar and includes a list and checklist of processed sugar alternatives that will help you kick your addiction to the curb; a printable shopping checklist of sugar alternatives; a weekly fridge diet planner (printable) to keep you on track; and reflective prompts that will help you understand the changes you feel on the sugar detox journey.


🥭Kidney Health Guide: This comprehensive guide includes knowledge and advice on kidney health and everything you should know about kidney function. It also includes common weak kidney symptoms and what to avoid if you have kidney problems. You'll also find a kidney function quiz, top kidney foods and herbs, home-made kidney tonic drinks that help the kidneys filter, a simple guide that shows you how you can check whether your kidneys are filtering properly, a 7-day kidney habit tracker that monitors your dedication to kidney healing through diet and lifestyle, and a daily healthy kidneys planner to help you stay on track.


🍒Lymphatic Drainage Guide: This guide will show you the importance of the lymph system and why frequent lymph drainage is essential for health. It will provide you with top 10 activities that promote healthy lymph circulation, the best herbs that promote lymph drainage, my favorite essential oils for the lymph system, a printable daily lymph support checklist to help you stay on track, and a printable 8 levels of detoxification with food sheet. 


🥑Managing Detox Symptoms Effectively Guide: This guide will help you understand how to handle and alleviate detox symptoms and how you can continue the detox process with diligent care without breaking or reversing the cleansing process. It includes a detailed graphic of the lymphatic system, a comprehensive list of mild, moderate, and severe detox symptoms, and a detox symptom alleviation checklist to help you lower physical, emotional, and mental symptoms without stopping the detoxification process.


🍑Self-Awareness Workbook: This self-awareness workbook is the perfect tool to help you get to know yourself, your unresolved issues, and your needs. It includes questions, checklist, and prompts that will help you understand your past and better plan for your future. 

Detox Coach Bundle

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