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This is an optimal guide to healing your kidney function with an alkaline diet and body detoxification. If your kidneys are not filtering, this guide will help you start filtering naturally. Without proper kidney filtration, our lymphatic system becomes sluggish and causes acidosis (chronic inflammation).






馃崏 Comprehensive knowledge/advice about kidney health and everything you should know about kidney function
馃崌 What to avoid if you have kidney problems
馃崏 Common weak kidney symptoms
馃崌 A kidney function quiz
馃崏 Top organic kidney foods that you should incorporate into your daily meal planning
馃崌 Top organic kidney herbs that are ideal for consuming as tea (especially first thing in the morning) or to be taken as an herbal tincture
馃崏 Home-made kidney tonic drinks that you can make and sip throughout the day to help the kidneys filter 
馃崌 A simple guide that shows you how you can check whether your kidneys are filtering properly
馃崏 7-day kidney habit tracker that monitors your dedication to kidney healing through dietary and lifestyle habits
馃崌 Printable alkaline food list to place on your fridge and inform your meal planning
馃崏 Daily healthy kidneys planner to help you stay on track






鉁达笍 Better sleep
鉁达笍 Less anxiety and fear
鉁达笍 Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
鉁达笍 Improved skin health and texture
鉁达笍 Reversal of chronic conditions
鉁达笍 Less pain and fewer aches
鉁达笍 Lowering chronic inflammation
鉁达笍 No edema, less overall bloating, and improvement in cellulite
鉁达笍 More energy and vitality
鉁达笍 Increased mental clarity 
鉁达笍 Better ability of your body to deal with cellular waste

Kidney Filtration & Health Guide

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