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This is your optimal guide to lymphatic drainage through an alkaline diet and body detoxification.


A properly functioning lymphatic system can clean, carry, and expel cell waste from the body efficiently with the aid of a healthy lifestyle, which also helps with the optimal functioning of the body's elimination organs, especially the kidneys. 


The kidneys work with the lymph system to excrete cellular waste (the lymph fluid) out of the body so that it doesn't fester in the body, causing chronic inflammation and a myriad of other diseases. 


No wonder knowing about lymphatic drainage is key to maintaining the ideal state of health! Learn more about the lymph system and how to properly move and drain it through diet and lifestyle.






✅ 16 pages of golden nuggets that you can put into practice right away!
✅ A guide on the importance of the lymph system and why frequent lymph drainage is essential for health
✅ A prompt that shows you how to check for kidney filtration so that you can filter lymphatic waste properly
✅ Top 10 lifestyle activities that promote healthy lymph circulation 
✅ The best herbs that will promote a healthy lymph system
✅ My favorite essential oils that help with lymph drainage
✅ Printable daily lymph support checklist to help you stay on track
✅ Printable alkaline food list that you can place on your fridge as your grocery list and meal prep reminder 
✅ Printable 8 levels of detoxification & healing sheet 






🍇 The body's ability to detect and respond to infections and diseases more effectively
🍉 Reduction of the buildup of toxins and greater support of the body's detoxification processes
🌿 Less swelling (edema) and pain as well as fewer aches
🍇 Higher degree of cancer prevention, as lymph nodes act as filters that trap cancer cells and preventing them from circulating throughout the body
🍉 Healthy digestion and better nutrient absorption

Lymphatic Drainage Guide

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