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14-Day Fruit Diet: Why Fruit is the Most Healing Food Found in Nature

A 14-Day Fruit Diet Protocol

"The ancient Greeks, before the time of Lycurgus, ate nothing but fruit,” (Plutarch), and “each generation reached the age of 200 years.” — Onomacritus of Athens


A fruit diet may still seem very unconventional to most people, but it is actually one of the most optimal and healing diets for the human species! Not only is fruit alkalizing to the body, but it doesn’t require insulin to digest, which means it bypasses the most common digestive process that utilizes 70% of our daily energy.

A 14-day fruit diet is a cleansing detox protocol that will help you reboot your body's energy, health, and vitality. Indeed, fruit provides the most cellular energy out of all the foods found in nature and utilizes the least energy for digestion. It takes about 30 minutes to fully digest and energize cells with its simple sugars - the body’s most optimal source of energy.

Unlike processed complex sugar, the sugars in fruit are designed for optimal cellular nourishment and are nature’s most optimal detoxifiers and regenerators of the most complex process in our body – the nervous system.

Read more to find out everything you need to know about the healing power of fruit, why you shouldn’t fear fruit sugar, and how you can get started on a 14-day fruit diet, especially if you are looking to heal chronic health problems.


All About the Fruitarian Diet and What the Mainstream Gets Wrong About Fruit


Eating fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet. However, everywhere you look and in most conversations you have about fruit being healthy, you encounter the “fruit has a lot of sugar” contention that most of us have internalized as the nutritional truth.

However, chemically speaking, not all sugars are the same, and depending on their chemical composition, they may be healthy or harmful to the body. Sucrose, or processed sugar found in cooked and packaged foods, conventional fruit juice, drinks, and sweet desserts, is incredibly unhealthy and acidic for the body, which causes inflammation, tissue degeneration, and a host of chronic diseases over time.

On the other hand, fructose and glucose that come directly from whole fruits, vegetables, and foods are simple sugars and are utilized by the body as nutrition and energy. According to a Frontiers in Bioscience Study, the body does not respond in the same way to fructose in fruit as to added fructose.

This means that sugars separated from other compounds that are meant to be processed by the body in synergy and the right proportions to other nutrients make all the difference in how they’re utilized by the body as beneficial or harmful. 

For example, the combination of foods and how their chemistry interacts also mirrors this sentiment. In the same study, the researchers report that while fat or sugar alone may not induce weight gain, together they do.

Therefore, highly processed foods, which are loaded with trans fats and artificial sugars, are a recipe for obesity and health problems. This same concept applies to vitamins and minerals found in supplements, but I will get back to this in the next few sections!

Indeed, the type of sugar (its chemistry), as well as its source, quantity, and absorption levels with other nutrients matters.

Here is what all processed sugar has in common and why even fructose (naturally found in fruit) can be very damaging to the body if it is artificially stripped from its natural source:

1) The sugars are heated during the extraction process

2) They are stripped of all nutrients and fiber

3) The sugars are highly concentrated and dehydrated

Because processed sugar is artificially extracted, the body cannot metabolize it and processes it a lot like poison.


The Fruit Sugar Debate and Why Fruit Sugar is Key to Health and Longevity

Chemistry is ultimately the distinguishing factor between healthy and unhealthy foods. The body requires fuel to feed its cells, and the quality of nutrition we internalize either brings in quality energy in the form of simple, natural sugars (alkaline chemistry) or acidic chemistry that is derived from processed, fried, packaged, and heavily cooked foods.

This is exactly why it is unfortunate that most mainstream health circles – and even many alternative health circles – undermine the power of fruit over its “high sugar content.” This mindset is predicated on grouping all sugar chemistry into one bucket, and not understanding the chemistry of foods and their assimilation and adaptation in the body.

Not only this but there is a collective emphasis that deems the fruit diet as a recipe for nutrient deficiencies, even though it is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet for the consumption of the human species.

Although restrictive diets are tough to implement from the outset, incorporating more fruits into one’s diet will provide you with immense health benefits to maintain your health and help the elimination organs detoxify accumulating acids and toxins.

And, there is even more complexity to it! As already specified, the sugar found in whole foods versus natural sugar that is isolated and extracted will impact the body very differently.

The body craves simple sugars as well as the nutrition that comes with them, but if it only receives complex and simple sugars devoid of nutrition, it will receive a quick energy spike (and crash) but the cells will still be starving and signaling to the body for more sugar.

And so the cycle continues until there is significant weight gain and addiction to the energy boosts that are the only way the body can receive a surge of energy, even if the cells keep starving and hoping for the proper nutrition that may arrive with the hunger and craving hints.

What’s even more devastating is that the food that can heal the body the most and help many who struggle with degenerative and chronic diseases, is villainized and its properties downplayed by those that we trust to be the knowledge authority of wellness. But nothing could be further from the truth!

In nature, the foods that hold the most energy (and therefore have the most healing and regenerative properties) are those with the most vibrant colors. By eating a rainbow of colors, the body can utilize a variety of nature’s healing properties.

Fruit has some of the most colorful repertoires of colors – purple, orange, red, yellow, green, and pink – and is known to be the only food in nature to be able to heal the highest energy-utilizing system in our bodies – the nervous system. In fact, there are many stories of naturopaths being able to heal spinal injuries and help quadriplegics get out of their chairs with berries (which nourish the nervous system) and other fruits!

Likewise, having studied the bioenergetic qualities of foods and their abilities to help elevate one’s body’s energetic and conscious state, I’ve learned that for the highest healing power of nature, to look to foods that grow the furthest from the ground, since they reach out to the sky and are the closest to the Source.

On the other hand, the foods found near the ground and below the ground are very grounding and stabilizing, helping us calm down emotions, align the physical body to our surroundings, strengthen and build tissues and bring us “back to earth”. These grounding foods are also highly important to health and our ability to live and thrive in the physical world!


What Natural Healers Say About Fruit and the Fruit-Only Diet


Here, I’d like to present some important fruit sugar counter-arguments from some of the most important naturopathic healers of our time.

They have solely used fruit, whole foods, and herbs to heal individuals successfully in most dire health conditions, and because of their holistic understanding of foods, nutrition, and the body, their view of fruit sugar is the complete opposite of the mainstream discourse.


Dr. Robert Morse, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook (pg 65):

We noted that the brain and nervous centers of the body contain the highest energetic or electrical tissues we have. We find that fruits have the highest electrical energy of all the foods. Volt-ohm meters and electromagnetic meters can measure this energy. My own clinical studies have shown that fruits will regenerate brain and nerve tissue, whereas vegetables will not. I have found that, as a rule, fruits are brain and nerve foods as well as the cleaners of tissue. Vegetables are the builders, which are suited for muscle and skeletal tissue. Nuts and seeds are structural foods and are strengthening to the body as a whole.


Anthony Williams (Medical Medium), Blog:

Fruit is actually the most important food to eat when healing from disease; and yet many people are avoiding it intentionally because they have fallen prey to fruit fear propaganda, unaware that they are hurting their health by avoiding fruit…There is a movement at the top of our health industries, both conventional and alternative, that is intentionally trying to steer you away from eating fruit, even though fruit has been known to be healthful and necessary for our well-being since the beginning of time. It may be difficult to believe that those in the medical world do not have our best interest in mind. However, the medical industry is just that: an industry. As much as we try to think of the entire world of health care as pure in motive, it is still a business, and a massive one at that…The reason this issue is so important is that fruit is in fact the most important food group to consume in order to protect you and your loved ones from chronic illness and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering.


Hereward Carrington, Natural Food of Man (pg. 159):

Are there any foods which he can eat freely and live—not only without detriment to himself, but with positive benefit—feeling assured that they are upbuilding his body, his mind, and his energies, and sustaining his physiological integrity, throughout, in a wholesome and natural manner? It will be seen in going over the list that two important articles of diet have been omitted—viz. fruits and nuts.These, and these alone, supplemented, perhaps, by one or two other articles of diet, can, I contend, sustain man in a perfect state of health; can supply all the needs of his body, and preserve the highest standard of health and energy; while the diet is in accord with his physiological mechanism, and his anatomical structure (pg. 203).


Animal foods cannot build good blood; in fact, do not build human blood at all, because of the biological fact that man is by nature a fruit eater.  Albumen is not the most important substance for our blood, nor is it mineral salts alone that build perfect blood. The cardinal standard substance for man’s blood is the highest developed form of carbon hydrate, chemically called sugar-stuff, grape, or fruit sugar as contained more or less in all ripe fruits, and in the next lower state in vegetables.


The Benefits of Fruit Diet for Cellular Energy 


Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, all of which are essential for maintaining healthy cells and providing energy to the body. Here are some of the ways that fruit can benefit cellular function:

  1. Vitamins and minerals: Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are important for cell function and energy production. For example, vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, a protein that provides structure to cells, while potassium helps to regulate fluid balance in cells.

  2. Antioxidants: Fruits are also rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells and contribute to aging and disease.

  3. Fiber: Fruits are a good source of dietary fiber, which can help to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent energy crashes. Fiber also helps to promote healthy digestion, which is essential for absorbing nutrients and producing energy.

  4. Water content: Many fruits are high in water content, which can help to keep cells hydrated and functioning properly. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, decreased energy levels, and rapid aging.


Why a Fruit Diet is Optimal for Pancreatic and Kidney Disorders


Since fruit is digested very quickly without much pancreatic enzyme input (does not put a strain on the pancreas), it is the most ideal food for diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other sugar-metabolizing disorders.

Contrary to popular belief, the holistic properties of fruits include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and simple sugars that hydrate the body and strengthen its cells and organs. Therefore, not only are fruits ideal for sugar metabolic disorders, they actually help cure them!

It is important to understand the nature of food and the body holistically to realize that nature and man cannot create the same chemistry that acts alike in the body. This would be too simplistic of a generalization that doesn’t take into account the wisdom of wholism, chemistry, and biology (and spirituality).

And given that allopathic doctors don’t have much nutritional training and don’t dabble in chemistry, leave it to natural healers and aware nutrition experts to talk about food and body regeneration!

But, we don’t have to take understanding of nature as the only authority – even science confirms it. A recent study of 7,675 Australians analyzed fruit and fruit juice intake and the prevalence of diabetes after five years; it concluded that those who consumed at least two servings of fruit per day had over a third less chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

Indeed, another study showed that red raspberries may help people with the onset of diabetes achieve balanced blood sugar levels. Likewise, pomegranates are packed with phytochemicals that have been shown to reduce insulin resistance and improve pancreatic function.

When it comes to kidney health, the cleansing and alkalizing effects of fruit chemistry help the kidneys more readily expel water-soluble waste from the body. The cleansing agents in fruit help to circulate the body’s sewage system – the lymphatic system – to the kidneys, so that acids and waste can be purged adequately and quickly and not cause cell and tissue inflammation and degeneration.

Watermelon and red grapes are some of the most cleansing and healing tonics for weak kidneys and are often used as the most effective detoxifying fruits for detoxes, fasts, and chronic disease healing.

Indeed, there is plenty of information out there about the regenerative and curative effects of fruits for the body, and I truly recommend you do some more research on your own after reading this article.


The Most Powerful Fruits for Body Detoxification


This is my ultimate list of the most detoxifying fruits in nature (organic is a must!):

1) Red Grapes

2) Watermelon and Melons

3) Berries

4) Mangoes

5) Citrus

6) Kiwi

7) Apples

8) Peaches and Nectarines

9) Cherries

10) Pomegranates

11) Tropical fruits


Why Fruit and Whole Food Nutrition is Healthier Than Supplements


The reason whole foods are nutritionally superior to any supplements is that we require several nutrients to work simultaneously to help “activate” each other.

When isolated or created synthetically, these compounds cannot be assimilated and utilized in the same way by the body as they do when found in an organic, raw form with other complementing nutrients.

Additionally, vitamin and mineral supplements may cause chemical imbalances in the body. According to Dr. Robert Morse, “calcium absorption is decreased in the presence of phosphorus.

Vitamin C is required for iron absorption, but in excess amounts, it can cause a copper deficiency. Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption, but, in excess amounts, can produce a magnesium deficiency or other conditions.” (The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, pg.144)

When it comes to nutrition, the best advice is to keep it simple and choose organic, raw foods! Why not enjoy delicious, sweet fruits in their full glory and receive the hydration and vitality from their meat, skin, and seeds over buying a synthetic supplement that may not even work adequately due to its isolated chemistry?

Whatever foods we eat, we directly internalize their essence, chemistry, and vibration. And when we eat those that are alive and nourishing in their natural form – like whole fruits – we bring in the highest form of energy and vitality known to mankind! By choosing to eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, you can elevate your state of health and awareness.

Instead of supplements, my recommendation is to designate one day out of the week as a fruit diet day. This will not only help your body reserve the energy it usually uses for digestion, but it will infuse more energy into the system, helping you detoxify, strengthen, and heal.


The Benefits of Eating Fruits for Breakfast


In Arnold Ehret’s words, the worst and by far the most unhealthy habit is eating a heavy breakfast! In fact, breakfast is our time to “break-the-fast” from the night’s sleep and body regeneration. Every fast should be broken with hydrating and alkaline chemistry, since it helps the body flush out stagnation and clean it after it has been out-of-order for some time.

This is exactly why fruit is the ideal breakfast!

Not only will it provide you with most of the nutritional needs you need for the day, but it will also provide enough energy to meet the demands of daily life and perhaps provide some energy reserves for rejuvenation.

Not only will this lifestyle routine change improve your overall health, but it will also help boost your immune system, keep your gums healthy, help you lose weight, and maintain healthy blood pressure!

My favorite fruits to eat for breakfast are oranges, red grapes, watermelon, peaches/plums/nectarines, and berries. Then, after 30 minutes, I cut up bananas and add flax seed, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, cocoa powder, and coconut flakes and finalize with tahini sauce (optimally raw).

This is a hearty and filling breakfast that will provide you with all the energy and nutrition you’ll need for the day and keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime. It will provide you with enough dietary fiber, fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids (building blocks of protein that the body prefers over complex proteins that come from animal products).


How to Begin the 14-Day Fruit Diet


When starting to incorporate high levels of raw fruit into your diet, there are a few things to keep in mind!

Since most of us are acidic and inflamed due to our conventional diet and lifestyle, our bodies are more sensitive to higher nutritional chemistry, as it stirs up acids and any weaker parts of the body will initially feel more sensitive. But, don’t fear the fruits – fear the clean-up that your body will do as a result of hydration and detoxification.

When acidic chemistry (which causes inflammation) is purged from tissues through fruit intake, it becomes free-floating in the sewage system – the lymphatic system – and causes us to feel the quintessential detox symptoms such as weakness, aches and pains,  headaches, colds and flu-like symptoms, among others.

But don’t let this deter you (I know, because I have gone through it myself)! Know that your body is cleansing and that all that is in you is slowly coming out from your elimination organs. After a few days, you will feel so much better and will have incredible energy and a state of wellness in no time!

Another fruit intake tip is that ripe fruits could be so chemically powerful, that there could be a possibility that citrus fruits, in particular, may erode tooth enamel if eaten in high quantity.

To prevent this, I recommend regular oil pulling (which strengthens gums and teeth), as well as bentonite clay brushing after brushing with your toothpaste. This is known to build and strengthen the enamel. Over time, as your body gets stronger and healthier, the astringent qualities of fruits will no longer be felt.

In fact, over time, fruit will help improve the state of your dental health! It will halt and reverse tooth decay and help make the gums strong and healthy.

Here is a bit more about dental health and fruits from David Wolfe, a decades-long raw food proponent and wellness entrepreneur, Blog:

There is a great misconception that fruits are bad for the teeth. Why the myth of poor teeth on a fruitarian diet? The clue I picked up from Johnny Lovewisdom’s book: Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism. He attacks nuts and seeds viciously as being the cause of teeth problems in fruitarians, not fruit. I’ve noticed that myself.Nuts leave an acid ash and are high in phosphorous which must be balanced with calcium (found abundantly and usable in greens). If you eat lots of nuts and seeds, you should also eat plenty of greens. If they are not balanced the phosphorous will eventually acidify the body and leech calcium from the bones, especially the jaw and teeth- the body is signaling the mouth to stop taking in food, especially the nuts and seeds.
Another important point appropriate here is that raw animal foods too leave an acid ash and are high in phosphorous, just like nuts and seeds. If they are not balanced off with greens (calcium) they’ll decalcify the teeth over the long term.


Likewise, a big piece of advice is to stay away from dried fruit and canned fruit. If the dried fruit is not organic, it is most likely processed with artificial preservatives, including sulfur. It is also devoid of hydrating chemistry, which is one of the most remarkable qualities of fruits.

Canned fruit is also often processed with artificial sugars and preservatives and since fruit is astringent, holding it in aluminum cans may leach the aluminum and cause more harm than any good to your health.

If you do choose to consume dried fruits and canned fruits, get them organic and packaged in paper/glass containers.

What to Eat on Your 14-Day Fruit Diet

There are no constraints on which fruit and how much to eat on your fruit diet. My recommendation is to eat intuitively and go for the fruits you crave. Also, make sure you eat as much as your body wants until you're satisfied.

My advice is to consume most of your fruits early in the day since the body needs most of its energy during the daytime. If you eat too late, the energizing effect of fruit could keep you up at night (which happened to me on several occasions), so try to finish your last fruit meal 3-4 hours before bed.

And remember, fruit may make you feel more energized before it makes you feel temporarily depleted. The depleted feeling is simply part of the healing crisis that highlights the body's weaknesses, particularly adrenal gland weakness, during the repair process. Adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and are the body's producers of neurotransmitters that keep the autonomic nervous system regulated and healthy.

Don't let this discourage you! Keep going. These weaknesses are simply receiving the energy they need from the fruit to properly heal. You are in the midst of a healing process and your body is adjusting to the high energy frequency from the fruit. Let the fruit do its magic and on the other side of the healing crisis, you'll feel better than you've ever felt in your life!


Sugar Cravings After Your Fruit Detox


If you have a sweet tooth and eat plenty of processed sugar, the simple sugars in fruit will help you reduce cravings, change your taste buds to prefer natural sugars, and help reverse inflammation caused by processed and isolated sugars.

Any sugars that come from fruits or plants and that are not heated during the extraction process are much better and healthier alternatives to processed sugar.

My favorite is fig, coconut, and date sugar (made from dehydrated dates), which is not extracted through high-heat methods devoid of other nutrition found in the fruit but is made from dried whole fruits.


To Your 14-Day Fruit Diet Success


A fruit diet is one of the most nutritious, energizing, and healing diets for a human being. You can put yourself in the place of nature and how it designed the ecosystem, in order to understand why fruits are the optimal food source for mankind and its highly developed nervous system.

Unfortunately, fruit has gotten a bad reputation out of ignorance. However, through their own experience, many natural healers have seen the healing and regenerative power of whole fruits.

In my own experience, fruits and raw foods have been the most healing agents on my healing journey from severe eczema. In fact, they were instrumental in healing the condition, as I am eczema-free today!

May you experience the profound healing effects of your optimal health!


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