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Mucusless Diet and Its Incredible Disease Healing Benefits

The Incredible Mucusless Diet Benefits

The more we learn about natural laws that rule and govern our health, the less we need to fear the destructive onslaught of disease. -Arnold Ehret

The Importance of the Mucusless Diet in Healing Illness


The benefits of the mucusless diet for the purposes of healing are enormous, and I have experienced the healing effects of raw, plant-based foods in curing my chronic eczema over 4 years ago.

As a vegan at the beginning of her healing journey, I experimented and tried many plant-based diets, only to learn that many were not cleansing but rather acidifying.

There was no improvement on a “plant-based diet” but there was on a raw, mucusless diet. Indeed, whole wheat, ‘healthy’ grains, and highly cooked and plant-based packaged foods did not help but only aggravated the condition.

The fact that diet is of primary importance in keeping the body healthy is known logically by many of us but is not understood or practiced intuitively, since when we’re younger, we take our health for granted and then are conditioned to rely on quick fixes through chemical medicine. 

This shift in discarding the simplicity and wisdom of nature for the symptom alleviation benefits of Western medicine has its roots in our disconnection from the cycles of nature and the illusion that our bodies are somehow separate from the organic reality of our 3D world.

Inevitably, we are nature herself and are tied closely to the land, which produces our food source meant to be consumed in its original formation. And the further we get away from our origins and our true source of nourishment, the more imbalance, and disease we will experience collectively. 

Here is what Arnold Ehret has to say about the relationship between food and disease:

That the average person, and even the reformed doctors, blame everything on earth, except food, as the cause of their disease is due to the tragic fact that disease is as yet a mystery in their minds. They don’t know how terribly unclean the inside of the body is caused by the lifelong habit of overeating 10 times as much as required—in many cases harmful foods mostly, or even exclusively. –Mucusless Diet Healing System, Arnold Ehret, pg. 63


Indeed, because we are conditioned and accustomed to turning to doctors with every pain and ailment, we give our power away thinking they know best. However, doctors themselves have grown up in a culture disconnected from the wisdom of nature and hardly have any nutritional training during their schooling. They are mostly taught about symptoms as they relate to certain body parts and functions and how to relieve the symptoms with medical drugs.

In essence, they don’t understand the body or health, because if they did, they would know that symptoms are only the effects of the root causes in the body and often, the root cause is wholistic – meaning it may stem from a variety of factors and affect multiple processes that must be addressed through a holistic perspective.

For example, blockages can occur due to prolonged emotional trauma that had been suppressed, and the effects of this suppression can manifest 7 years down the line as “cancer.” 

Instead of coming from the understanding of how the disease is formed and how emotions, thoughts, food, and environment all affect our unique and very individual state of health, doctors simply treat all symptomology alike and usually paint a picture of the disease as having a truly “mysterious” cause. The treatment is usually based on viewing the body as a mechanical entity – without having intelligence, capacity for self-healing, and a connection to the spirit. 

The course of treatment in Western medicine is never personalized and seldom explores the personal journey of exploring where an individual experiences disharmony and imbalance. In reality, this exploration can then truly uncover the cause of dis-ease and reverse it.

A true healer is a guide that shows us what we don’t see and provides us with the tools and knowledge to come back to harmony and self-heal. This coming back to harmony always includes emotional, mental, trauma-based, physical (dietary), lifestyle, and even spiritual healing that follows the following protocol: make the unconscious (our conditioned thinking and behavioral patterns, for example) conscious, make peace, and let go.  

In the wisdom of Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Medicine, the organs are not only physical but are also energetic entities that are sensitive to energy from food, emotions, thoughts, and the environment. They have their own emotional channels that govern specific emotions and their higher and lower states.

When we dwell in a certain emotional state, we activate that organ and either elevate its function (when it comes to the liver, for example, the emotion of joy keeps it in a state of optimal health) or degenerate its function (in the case of liver, this would be anger and resentment). Therefore, if we view all that we internalize as energy, we can further understand which energetic input is not aligned with our well-being. 

As many healers can tell you, health is “simple,” since mother nature herself is simple, once you understand her laws and cycles. One of the fundamental principles of health and nature is the cosmic law of cause and effect.

Therefore, illness is not at all mysterious. It is a cumulative outcome of causes that brought about a certain effect that we call disease or “symptoms.” But once we’re aware of these imbalances as they occur, we can always correct the course. 


What is a Mucus-Free Diet? 


Essentially, a mucus-free diet is a plant-based, alkaline diet that when consumed, does not acidify the body. Mucus is produced as a response to acidic chemistry in foods and other pathogens in the body’s effort to protect cells and tissues.  

When eating the standard diet, especially one made of processed sugar, wheat, grains, meat, dairy, and artificial flavors, the body goes into an overdrive processing, removing, and neutralizing the effects of the acid-ash chemistry which it cannot use to build with and which is detrimental to its homeostasis. This is very costly to its energy reserves and its ability to keep up with healing the damage it experiences daily.

And since the cells also eat and create waste (metabolic process), the extra burden on the elimination organs is doubled – they have to remove toxic waste from foods and products we use (place on the skin and inhale) on top of the metabolic waste of our cells. 

The lymphatic system and the kidneys deal with the majority of the water-soluble waste elimination. The lymphatic system is a fluid lipid system that is twice as long as the blood and is known as the body’s sewage system that circulates waste from interstitial walls of tissues to lymph glands and back to the kidneys for elimination.

If the lymphatic system is not working properly due to stagnation and the kidneys’ inability to filter effectively, the sewage has nowhere to go and slowly degenerates our weakest tissues and organs over time. 

The mucusless diet is built around the principles of not burdening the body with extra acidic waste, hydrating the cells and tissues so that all organs can function properly (especially the elimination organs), and providing vital energy to cells so that they can carry out their function optimally and have enough energy left to heal “problems” that may turn into diseases over time. 

Indeed, it is actually our bodies’ adaptive response to inflammation and subsequent organ failure that causes the most common ailments in our society: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and other chronic conditions that we label as illness or disease.

In actuality, the body is simply compensating for internal damage by elevating certain processes or leaching electrolytes from areas of the body not essential for survival that is meant to stabilize and rebalance its functions. Disease is only the side effect of this and shows up in the weakest areas of the body.

If we realize that most modern-day conditions are just side-effects of internal inflammation due to our lifestyle and diet, we can then understand that there are no quick fixes out there that we can take that are devoid of personal responsibility. 

So, how do we remedy inflammation? When it comes down to it, health is all about chemistry and energy flow. The first major step is to change our diet from acid-ash foods to alkaline-ash foods (ash is the chemical effect the food creates as it is digested and assimilated)! One of the main mucusless diet benefits is that it is alkaline and will help hydrate and nourish the body, enabling it to properly detoxify and heal. 


The Legacy of Arnold Ehret and His Mucusless Diet Healing Protocol


Arnold Ehret was a German teacher who experienced many health problems as he was growing up, including a heart condition, for which he couldn’t find medical relief. At one time, he had 24 physicians helping him, but to no avail.

As a consequence, his teaching career was cut short at 31 years of age due to kidney inflammation, when he was left to give up on looking for help and designate himself to a short life full of health problems. But, Arnold did not want to shut himself off from the possibility of getting better. He decided to study natural ways of self-healing and was impressed with the many methods and diets he found. 

At one time, he traveled to France and tried a fruit and milk diet that he found partially helpful. Something was not quite right, and after experimentation with various other diets, he decided to go to Algiers and try an all-fruit diet consisting of native fruits.

His health improved significantly, and after he started to include fasting as he was suggested to do, he felt so healthy, experiencing newfound energy, strength, and vitality that he never felt before. His friend, who came with him to Algiers to try the all-fruit healing fast and who suffered from a life-long stutter, was cured of it completely by the end of the trip!

After this experience and finding himself in the best health of his life, Arnold continued to learn and experiment with natural healing through diet and eventually develop the Mucusless Diet Healing System, which he also called “Fruit Fasting.”

He taught this method to thousands of patients looking for an alternative method of healing and was a preeminent physician at many sanitariums, including his own that he founded in Switzerland and where he cured many patients. 

Unfortunately, Arnold died at 56 in a dire accident, but his legacy lived on through his writings and his students, particularly Fred Hirsch. His Mucusless Diet Healing System is his most famous contribution to the naturopathic discipline of healing and has vast wisdom to share about his own experiences healing himself and thousands of others.   


How Does Fruit Heal Illness?


Fruits is the only cuisine that is karmaless. All other food involved killing whether it be of animals, plants, or seeds. When ripened to perfect by the sun, it is plucked from the tree by the wind and laid as an offering for humankind and animals. It is the easiest food to digest. It is the least mucus-inducing of all foods.  -Arnold Ehret

Alkaline foods include fruits and vegetables (and some seeds/nuts) in their raw form. Consumption of mainly fruits and vegetables will begin the process of detoxification and hydration. However, if you’re looking to dig even further to heal chronic health problems and even reverse genetic weaknesses, the healing power is in fruit.

By consuming organic fruits, we bring energy to our systems that we can utilize in ways that help us live with a greater sense of health and well-being. The body will now finally have enough energy to regenerate our elimination organs and help acidic waste be expelled from our bodies through the kidneys, the skin, and the bowels. 

Chemically speaking, fruits have the highest amount of antioxidants and astringent properties of all foods! Not only that, but they have the highest electrical properties of any food available. The energies in organic, tree-picked fruits are so high, that it is the only food in nature that can regenerate the nervous system and the endocrine system function. 

But, somehow, fruit has received a negative reputation in health circles as being unhealthy. How did this happen? Perhaps because their power to heal cannot be monetized? Given so many stories of healing illness with fruit fasting, it makes one wonder why false “fruit sugar” claims have caught on instead.  

When we think of sugar, we tend to assume that all sugars are villains! But this is not so. Not all sugars are created equally in the chemical world. Simple sugars found in nature in the form of fructose (simple sugars) are meant to feed our cells with the highest form of pure energy our bodies need and can energize us sustainably for long periods.

Fructose is actually the best source of energy for our cells and the optimal chemistry we require for detoxification and healing. Fruit is “the” essential diet for those with sugar-metabolizing disorders, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia.    

Given that we live in a highly toxic world where stress, a fast-paced lifestyle, fast foods, EMF radiation, pollution, and constant bombardment for attention are causing us to acidify our bodies without much secondary thought, we can utilize diet, emotions, and thoughts as a way to neutralize these detrimental effects on our bodies. 


Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret


Through his exploration of how raw fruits and vegetables heal the body over time, Arnold Ehret came to many conclusions. 

Here, it is important to let go of labels that keep us thinking certain foods are either healthy or unhealthy. For example, we tend to think “vegan” is healthy and that a “raw vegan” diet is automatically the panacea.

However, most vegan diets are processed, cooked, full of preservatives, and rich in protein (proteins acidify the body and lower the function of the elimination organs) and most vegans are far from healthy. Even raw vegan diets can be full of protein and can be too complex for the body to digest and assimilate, especially if the state of one’s health is not optimal. 

This is exactly why evaluating foods independently for their chemistry and energy and not being swayed by the label of a diet is of paramount importance!

And in case you are still unaware which of the foods are mucusless and which are mucus-forming, Arnold offers his wisdom as follows:

All fruits, raw or cooked; also nuts and green-leaf vegetables are mucus-free. All other foods of civilization, without exception, are mucus and acid-forming, and therefore are harmful. -The Mucusless Diet Healing System (64)

It is also important to understand that when healing, the body requires detoxifying or purging chemistry and not nourishing/building chemistry to get better. Fruits and herbs are detoxifying whereas vegetables and seeds/nuts have more of a building quality (ideal after detoxification). This is precisely why fruit offers the fastest and most effective path to healing and regeneration alongside fasting.

According to Ehret:

Three prominent physicians improved the vegetarian diet, but they fail like all other dieticians on the following single point. They believe, more or less, in high-protein foods during the diet of healing. In other words—all dieticians, without a single exception outside of myself, think that the body, and especially the sick and weak one, requires “good, nourishing food” to be healed—overlooking the fact that nature alone heals and does it best by fasting. (65)


But, cleansing and healing is not an easy process. Detoxing acids from the body is both a physically and emotionally taxing process. It requires commitment, time, patience, and habit change whose effects will bear fruit only over time. There are no quick solutions, treatments, and shortcuts to maintaining great health. Since disease develops over time, so does the process of healing. 

He explains further about this sentiment:

You must realize and perceive that you are starting on an entirely new and perfect revolution, regeneration, and rejuvenation of your body when you change your diet in this way, and it cannot be accomplished within a few days by simply eating some good menus and mixtures. (98)


Here is Ehret’s summary of the ideal human diet meant for optimal health and the habits that will help keep us healthy (I call them “The Ehret Tenants”):










Mucusless Diet Benefits


A mucusless diet is a diet that sees raw fruits and vegetables as the most optimal sources of cellular fuel and regeneration for humankind. It is alkaline in nature and hydrates the body to release acids, clean tissues, and regenerate.


Consuming only organic raw fruits and veggies is a diet that will heal most degenerative diseases. It truly depends on how chronic our illness is and how dedicated we can be to staying on the healing path. 

Having been on the mucusless diet for almost 8 years now, I can vouch that many areas of my health have either been healed or have significantly improved (genetic weaknesses), and today, I feel like a new person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It really all depends on how far you’re willing to go to experience the most profound vitality, energy, well-being, and strength of your life. 

Just like Arnold discovered over a century ago, fruit and fasting are the most potent healing modalities that will expedite your healing and regeneration (I can personally attest to this!). Vegetables and seeds/nuts come secondary during the healing process, as they promote the rebuilding and strengthening of the body after a detox protocol


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