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Spiritual Foods: How Certain Foods Heal and Facilitate Spiritual Growth (And My List of Top 9!)

Is it true that food contains elements in its makeup that can either deter or facilitate spiritual growth? Yes, definitely, and I’ll let you know exactly why. In fact, spiritual foods are foods that contain the highest frequency of all foods found in nature.

They have the power to heal and facilitate spiritual growth simply because they are high in energy – the fuel we require to regenerate our cells and enable our bodies to function on a higher level of being. 

If the cells are healthier and vibrate faster, ultimately they will be able to elevate the function of tissues and organs. And if the organs and glands function more efficiently, our bodies will not only vibrate at a higher frequency (since they will have more energy) but also become more optimal vessels for attracting higher vibrational experiences into our lives.

Life is a game of energy loss and gain, and those that are usually successful at the game of life understand how to use their innate energy most efficiently and replenish it when they need it. 

Money and other people’s energy can likewise be utilized and absorbed as a source of energy that can help us feel more in spirit (inspired by life), energizing our cells by the sheer holistic experience of monetary or social abundance.

Food is just one way we can use the chemistry found in nature to fill up our cellular fuel tanks. Depending on the quality and chemistry of the food, we can either use it as a tool for nourishment, healing, and spiritual growth, or unknowingly (or even knowingly) as a means to degeneration and untimely decay. 

By understanding the laws of nature and the two sides of chemistry that rule our chemical world – namely alkaline and acidic principles that govern germination, growth, and decay – you can use the knowledge to empower your life and thrive by feeding your body alkaline foods, or spiritual foods.


Spiritual Foods Are Electric


Since the advent of history, certain foods and herbs have been used to detoxify, strengthen, and cure the body of illness. Shamans and medicine women understood the principles underlying particular diseases, and like alchemists, would use the chemistry of their “cures” to help subside the body’s chronic inflammatory state. 

In essence, they understood that chemistry is further broken down into energy, and if there are obstructions to energy flow or not enough of it circulating in the body, like a weak battery, the body would then benign to wither away. 

Food, like everything that is living, holds its own special chemical blueprint and energetic frequency that we internalize and which becomes assimilated into our tissues and organs. Yes, you definitely are what you eat, as cells use what we provide to them to regenerate skin, hair, nails, tissues, and organs. Even the liver regenerates every 7 years and uses the chemistry it finds to reboot its function. 

This is precisely why you can see physical, emotional, personality, and spiritual changes in individuals that modify their diets to include more organic fruits and vegetables (raw foods).

You can also stop the hands of time with a hydrating diet that provides the ideal alkaline terrain for your cells to flourish, one which deters toxins, pathogens, fungus, and parasites from proliferating and taking over the body’s weakest areas (where disease usually begins to form).

Alkaline foods are full of electricity, meaning they bring more energy in than is lost through their digestion. For example, fruit is some of the most high-frequency food on the planet, providing the cells with energy (simple sugars feed the cells that then convert this chemistry into ATP, or potential energy) and digesting within 30-40 minutes of consumption without the input of insulin. 

Putting this into perspective, the average conventional meal takes over 4-5 hours to complete its digestion and assimilation process, which is highly taxing on all the organs and depletes the body’s energetic reserves quickly. 

Simply think about a meal after which you feel sleepy. This is generally the body’s way of hinting to you that you should take yourself out of the sensory world for a while (ah, living takes energy!) for it to use its main energy reserves to digest this heavy meal. 

Daily digestion is known to utilize 70% of our energy reserves, and if we don’t feed the body with energetic foods, with no other external sources, and as a means to preserve itself, it will turn internally to leach electrolytes from bones and tissues. 

This is primarily the world of acidity and decay that not only starts to degenerate us physically with pain and disease, but propels us to be more aggressive, disconnected, and angry. Acids are corrosive, and therefore agitate the body-mind-spirit triad, lowering its potential for growth, expansion, and openness to spiritual experiences and personal transcendence.

Through energy and its unobstructed flow from one energy center to another (represented by the chakras, which correspond to major organs and glands), the body’s spiritual vortexes can be elevated to vibrate on another frequency. And since energy represents everything that is in our universe, imagine what you could be and do with the power of spiritual foods by your side.


How the Body Converts Chemistry Into Energy 


In essence, the body is a chemical processing machine that breaks down, converts, and assimilates chemistry that it can use for energy, its primary fuel for living and regeneration. Without energy, like a candle being blown out, we cease to be able to use the body as a vessel for the soul.

So how does the body convert chemistry into energy? It does so through the process of digestion and assimilation of simple sugar glucose – a process called glycolysis. During this process, glucose is broken down by enzymes and extra ATP is created in the process. The whole process takes about 2 ATP molecules in energy consumption and creates 4 ATP molecules as a result, making it a very energy-efficient energy-production system.

Although fruit is made of simple sugars called fructose, the fructose is easily converted into usable glucose by the body. And remember – not all fructose is healthy and created equally. Devoid of other enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins that are found inside fruit, fructose that is extracted artificially and concentrated is usually processed by the body as a poisonous, foreign substance.

On the other hand, when you eat fruit, fructose is recognized by the body in its innate form, and its additional compounds become the catalyst for assimilation and energy production. 

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created from simply anything but must be generated from another source.

Our physical world is characterized by chemical compounds, whose elements combine to create and dissolve forms. You can think of chemistry as alchemy, which brings elements together to co-create functions, processes, and new elements. 

And just like the chemistry, we find in our external world, our body is a compilation of chemical processes that deal with the metabolic function of cells – be they converting food chemistry to energy or excreting their waste into the lymphatic sewage system that circulates throughout the body to the kidneys for elimination. 

Speaking of the kidneys, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they are known to be the seat of energy production for the whole body. Depleting their function lowers the body’s overall Chi (or energy) levels and one’s innate power.

Some of the most depleting emotions when it comes to the kidneys are fear, anxiety, stress, and worry. When it comes to activity, a taxing daily lifestyle, frequent sexual liaisons, and over-giving of one’s energy to others can weaken the kidneys significantly. 

When it comes to foods, proteins are the biggest culprit when it comes to kidney health! Since most proteins are complex (especially animal-derived proteins), the kidneys must work incredibly hard to help digest them and eliminate the acidic chemistry found in them and their breakdown process.

Instead of complex proteins, it is important to choose to consume a greater quantity of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and are easily digested and assimilated by the body.

They are the ideal form of protein that the body truly wants, so that it doesn’t have to lose vast energy reserves on complex protein breakdown and digestion.

And contrary to the popular belief that fruits and vegetables don’t contain protein, they are actually the best source of amino acids that your body can use readily for growth and repair!


Why Energy Is Key To Healing and Elevating One’s Frequency


Understanding that you are an energetic being that runs on energy as fuel is the essential precept of knowing how our reality and how the concepts of wellness work. 

If we spend more energy digesting and healing the body because of our poor lifestyle, we will have less energy available to lead energetic, optimal, and vital lives. Since our food, thoughts, and lifestyle fuel, our body with energy or detracts from it, everything we do either provides us with energy or depletes it.

Optimal wellness is predicated on the premise that we have more energy reserves than our body spends daily on digestion, the thinking process, activity, healing, and regeneration. If we eat poorly, not only do we lower our energy state with the low consciousness of the food, but we also use extra energy that the body has to rob from our cells and compensate for to digest and process the chemistry of this food. 

Although food is one of the main fuels that the body uses for energy and healing, thoughts and emotions are equally as potent. They do the exact same thing that food does – either bring positive energy resonance to our bodies or create acids through our body’s chemical response to the negativity we feel, perceived or real threats, and low vibrational mindset. 

Our body is not aware that what we think, absorb and experience may not be actually real (it may just be our thought perceptions of what is happening or emotional upheaval experienced because of the horror movie we just watched), so it will react to how our mind perceives the external world and will prepare to meet the demands of that world accordingly.

This is why it is essential to be mindful of our emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle – of everything we consume energetically. This includes what we read, watch, think, and experience, since the energetic imprint of all these experiences has a sum effect on our holistic state of being and wellness. 


The Best Foods for Spiritual Growth


The body is an intelligent, self-healing, cooperative, biological ecosystem that always finds the most intelligent way to manage equilibrium to keep us alive.

However, if it’s starving energetically and is full of acidic chemistry, over time, it will have no more reserves to keep us in a state of harmony, leading organs and tissues to deteriorate and causing several chronic health issues. This state lowers the overall vibration of the body, making it difficult to align with one’s higher state of consciousness. 

On the other hand, a predominantly alkaline diet hydrates the body and nourishes all the cells so that they vibrate and work properly in alignment with their original blueprint. Alkaline foods include fruits and vegetables in their raw form.

Consumption of mainly fruits and vegetables will begin the process of detoxification and rehydration. However, if you’re looking to dig even further to improve your overall health and even genetic weaknesses, the healing power is in fruit

Likewise, according to medicine men and women, it is herbs that contain special energy that resonates specifically to each part of the body to detoxify, tonify, and strengthen it. Their energetic vibration is known to correct cellular damage and revert it to its original vibration and function. How amazing is that?

It is the job of the healer and the shaman to understand the personality and function of various herbs as well as the myriad nature of diseases to know exactly which herbs should be taken and when. 

Every food has a vibration blueprint to it, as well as a primary chemical composition. Most foods are either alkaline or acidic, meaning they either lower our vibration or raise it.

In my opinion – after years of experimentation, learning, and working with others – certain foods are so astringent, alkaline, and energetic, that they can elevate the body’s physical and astral bodies, and completely change how we see, interact with, and show up in the world!

And here is my list of top spiritual foods that have some of the greatest electrolyte content and cellular regenerative powers. They provide the body with simple sugars (the primary fuel for the cells) and the electricity it needs to heal genetic weaknesses and nervous system issues (some of the hardest to heal and regenerate). 


  • Red Grapes (other grape kinds are also very potent)

  • Watermelon (and other melons)

  • Berries 

  • Citrus 

  • Dates 

  • Tropical fruits 

  • Dark, bitter greens (fortify the body with solar energy from photosynthesis and detoxify)

  • Coconut water (full of electrolytes and close to chemical composition of the blood)

  • Herbs (improve cellular function)



Final Thoughts


When thinking about elevating your consciousness, your goal should be to get more energy into your body daily than you spend on digestion, metabolic processes, activity, and brain power!

This feat will inevitably instigate a much more loving and peaceful relationship with yourself, others, and the environment, given that alkaline chemistry makes one feel and think in accordance with the level of the body’s nourishment and hydration. 

Everything in the body is related – and if you bring in nourishment and energy through physical means (chemistry), emotional satisfaction (loving relationship towards self and others), and spiritual practice (including Yoga and Chi Gong, which improve and create energy flow in the body), you can strengthen all levels of your body system.

However, even if you practice one form of energetic elevation, you will be able to impact all body levels simultaneously. For example, if you are happy and laugh daily, not only will your emotional body feel the effects, but also your physical and mental bodies.

Spiritual foods help awaken individuals to higher levels of being because they elevate energy – Prana, or Chi – that is the basis for all that is in the universe. If you simply elevate your vibration, you will notice more synchronicity, blessings, coincidences, and spiritual inclinations crop up in your life.

And although the goal of every earthly journey is growth and spiritual evolution, not every individual is ready or strong enough to take on the path – one that may mean losing friends, jobs, and a lifestyle that we have held to for so long but which we had outgrown.

Inevitably, our lives will either transform or stagnate in proportion to the health of our relationship with ourselves. Are you living to your full potential? And if not, what is preventing you from spreading your wings? Take time to get to know yourself and your needs and then invest in your body, mind, and spirit like your life depended on it – because it does!


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